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Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertiliser, Oil & Gas

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Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertiliser, Oil & Gas


Job description

Minimum Requirements

Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering or related specialization

An advanced degree is preferred.

Minimum of 15 years total refinery or petrochemical process units experience (process engineering and operations) with at least 10 years’ experience in handling Aromatics plants.

Exposure to different Aromatics process licensor technologies is preferred.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Review and monitor the performances of existing Aromatics facilities through key performance indicators (KPIs) representing the process plant’s optimum operability, profitability, reliability, and process safety.

Issue quarterly Aromatics performance benchmarking reports highlighting the KPIs, analysis, and performance improvement recommendations.

Monitor and support the facilities in implementing the recommendations and closing the gaps identified in the quarterly performance benchmarking reports.

Conduct benchmarking and best practices exchange workshops internally among Global Manufacturing facilities (wholly owned and affiliates) having Aromatics process technologies.

Provide on-demand remote and/or field technical advisory support to Global Manufacturing facilities on matters concerning the operation of Aromatics plants which may include but not limited to process troubleshooting, start-up and shutdown activities, capacity test runs, technology pilot testing, and process design. Issue service report for every support activity provided highlighting the facilities need, actions taken, results, and lessons learned.

In collaboration with Global Manufacturing facilities engineers, propose cost optimization or process improvement initiatives focusing on ‘low-hanging fruits’ with no or minimal capital investment required, through operational adjustment or design modification.

Conduct internal assessments on Aromatics process using client’s engineering standards as a reference

Highlight any deviations or optimizations for endorsement to facility management or client’s Central Engineering

Act as the overall coordinator for cascading and driving Global Manufacturing and Corporate programs to the Aromatics operating facilities for execution and effective monitoring.

Participate in Business Plan development and coordinate with stakeholders for any capital investments on assigned process units and support techno-economic evaluations.

Maintain relevant knowledge of technology developments in Aromatics process plants.

Perform evaluation and approval of technology developments to Central Engineering and facilitate field deployment.

Support arrangement and facilitation of technical knowledge exchange workshops with Aromatics process technology licensors and Global Manufacturing facilities.

Provide in-house technical trainings to Global Manufacturing facilities when needed.

Participate in hazard operability (HAZOP) and safety integrity level (SIL) studies as required by Aromatics unit operating facilities.

Participate in incident investigation activities concerning Aromatics process technologies as required by operating facilities.



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